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June 15, 2020

S.M.A.A. Sarnia Minor Athletic Association –

It is with great sadness and regret that Sarnia Minor Athletic Association { S.M.A.A.} main board has made the decision to not operate the 2020 season for Baseball, Girls Fastball and Football.

This difficult decision did not come lightly.

After a lengthy discussion and deliberation, Your S.M.A.A. Board feel strongly that the safety andwellness of our players, coaches, umpires, volunteers and families are deeply important, and the risks involved with COVID – 19 virus are far too great. The City of Sarnia will not be preparing the playing fields and the washroom facilities may not re-open this season.

Please understand that we have over 800 players – members in the system within S.M.A.A. . For those of you that have paid for this year’s registration we have come up with 3 options for you to choose from.

PLEASE Click on this link and complete the form for processing;

We will due our best to work quickly. With the limited operating hours of our office, processing could take up to 4 weeks depending on the option you choose.

We wish you all a very safe summer and look forward to returning to the 2021 season of S.M.A.A. sports.

Thank You
Lynn Le Faive
President S.M.A.A.

We are a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers, offering sports activities to the youth of Sarnia & District.

**Reminder:  Registration forms are to be used for Income Tax receipts and there will be no duplicates issued**


It shall be the aim of the Sarnia Minor Athletic Association to foster the advancement of education in athletics and sports and promote good sportsmanship through athletics among minors in Sarnia and district, without restrictions of race, creed, or level of ability.


It has be the purpose of this Association to provide a wholesome experience, not only for the boys and girls participating, but also for the coaches, managers and league officials. Our main interest shall always be in the boy and girl and not in his or her ability. Sportsmanship, fair play, good citizenship, friendly competition, enjoyment and full participation for all team member shall always be our guide-posts. All decisions of this Association shall be tempered with reason and will always consider the feelings of the individual. It is our belief that this atmosphere will provide the greatest enjoyment and wholesome experience for all concerned.


The basic principles of the Association are:

  • no boy or girl who wants to participate is turned away (in good standing)
  • the greatest good for the greatest number
  • all children are encouraged to participate regardless of their ability to play the sport
  • each participant deserves a fair share in each game.


There is always a need for volunteers in several areas i.e. coaching, concessions, score keeping, sport committees, etc. A good option for students trying to fill their volunteers hours. Please contact the individual sports for further information.

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