How Many Days a Week Do We Play?

Sarnia provides 2 nights a week for games and practices. Teams will also have away games during the week. Most weeks you will have 3 nights of fastball. A typical week is one home game, one practice, and one away game.

What nights do we play/practice?

Diamonds have not been reserved yet, but we are looking at home nights being Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Away games will depend on the away team’s diamond availability.

When does the league run?

The league will begin in mid-May and conclude at the end of August with a weekend tournament in Camlachie.

How far do we travel?

The travel teams will be joining the Lambton Central Girls Softball League. The league is comprised of teams from Corunna, Wyoming, Camlachie, Enniskillen, Port Lambton, Wallaceburg, Wilksport, and Charing Cross. 

Do we get uniforms?

Every player will receive a jersey, pants, belt, and visor. Players are required to purchase their own white socks. Before a player receives a uniform, they must provide a $100 uniform deposit (Cash or Cheque). At the end of the season, when you return your uniform, you will receive your $100 back. If your uniform is ripped during the season from regular wear, that is okay, you will still receive your deposit back. Failure to return the uniform will result in the SMAA keeping the $100 to replace the missing uniform. Visors are mandatory and must be worn on the diamond. Pitchers and catchers are exempt from wearing a visor during a game. At the end of the season, players keep their visors.

Do we need any equipment?

Players must provide their own glove and baseball cleats (no street footwear is allowed). The SMAA will provide bats, helmets, catching gear, balls, and a pitcher mask. Players are welcome to bring their own bat and batting helmet. Your bat must be softball/fastball approved and your helmet must be CSA Approved and have a cage and chin strap.

How many volunteers are required to run a team?

Each team must have a dedicated Head Coach and 2 Assistant Coaches. Coaches can be non-parent coaches. During a game, only 3 coaches are permitted on the field. For practice, as many helpers as a coach needs are welcome. Each team should also consider a Team Manager. Coaches are not required to have any special certifications, but experience in Fastball or Baseball is a must. Each coach must also pass a Police Background Check. The Head Coach or Team Manager must also attend the Sarnia Heat Girls Fastball Monthly Meeting. If you might be interested in coaching or helping out, please email us at

Are the rules the same as the House League Rules?

No. Because this is a more competitive league, some rules that are enforced in House League are not enforced in travel. For example, if there is a wild pitch, the runner at third can steal home. Another example, there is no mandatory slide at home plate when there is a play. Also, there are only 3 outfielders, not 4 like House League. Pitchers can pitch any number of innings, they are not limited to 2 innings a game. A pitcher can pitch the entire game if the coach wants. We recommend talking with your coach or league officials about rules.

Is the fair play rule in effect?

Yes and no. Because this is travel and more competitive, the coach can play better players more than others. Some weaker players may sit more than other players. However, we are encouraging coaches to play as fair as possible so all players have fun.

Do we need to wear uniforms to practice?

Players are required to wear ball pants to practices. Game jerseys and visors are not required for practices. Players must also wear ball cleats.

Do I really need to attend practices?

Yes. Practices are mandatory for players to attend. If your player does not like practices and decides they don’t want to attend, the coach has the right to sit a player that has purposely missed. We understand that illness, vacations, work, and injury will prevent players from missing a practice.

Are there any tournaments on the schedule?

A final year-end tournament is held in Camlachie at the end of August. This tournament is for the teams in the league only and the winner of the tournament is the league champion. This is part of your registration fee. If a team would like to play in an OUT-OF-TOWN weekend tournament during the season, we would support that, however, the fee to play in the tournament must be covered by the team.

If there are any questions we have not answered, please email us at

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